Alisher Navoi
Nizamiddin Mir Alisher Navoi Uzbek poet, thinker, statesman. Wrote verses in language tyurki and farsi. Lived in Gerat (present-day Afganistan). He was a visir of the Sultan Hussain Baykara, patronized science and art people. Navois poetry is versatile and humanistic and his legacy is very extensive.
The lyrical verses are assembled by the author per 1498-99 years in 4 collections divans. Top of his poetic talant "The Five" ("Hamse" 1483-85) consisting from poems "Confusion of The Pious", "Leila and Madjnun", "Farkhad and Shirin", "Seven planets", "Wall of the Iskander". He has inspired development of the islamic and others turk-language literatures. He admitted as a founder of the literary uzbek language.

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